About Us

DentalVisionPlans.com is a leading group insurance resource for immediate online quotes, enrollment and administration geared for producers.

DentalVisionPlans.com is administered by Howell Benefit Technologies LLC (HBT) with over 30 years of experience and nationally recognized developer of online group insurance procurement and management platforms.

In 2014, HBT introduced LifeAndDisabilityPlans.com, which currently offers exclusive online group life and disability insurance to employers with 4-99 employees in all 50 states.

DentalVisionPlans.com caters specifically to the small business market and offers an exclusive portfolio of group dental and vision benefit plans.

We believe producers are and should remain the cornerstone who connect employers with the right carriers, products and benefit solutions.  We recognize the need for producers to compete with private insurance exchanges as well as direct to consumer online benefit companies. Therefore, licensed producers can access our online quoting, procurement, and enrollment systems without any fees.  Producers need only to register to begin quoting.   This website offers the best of all worlds by providing producers immediate, competitive, online rates and proposals, easy enrollment as well as competitive commissions once a case is sold.

This website offers the best of all worlds. It does so by providing producers immediate, competitive, online rates and proposals, easy enrollment, plan administration capability, extensive “back office” client support, as well as, competitive commissions.

Producers seeking fast and instant group dental and vision quotes will be happy to discover accessible plans which provide fully insured coverage and extended rate guarantees all underwritten by United Concordia, a division of Highmark, one of the nation’s largest and most recognized group health insurance carriers.